Thank You to Donors 2021-2022!

Would you like the opportunity to help others in your profession? If so please consider donating to the OSRT Education and Research Foundation. The benefit of donating to the OSRTERF is to allow medical imaging professionals to excel in the clinical, administrative, and educational settings. This also allows individuals to apply for the opportunity to conduct research vital to the improvement of patient care and the advancement of imaging professionals. You can make an online donation or, if you have questions, feel free to contact a representative on the Foundation Board. Donations may be small or large, we are just happy you are willing to help!

The OSRTERF is a tax-exempt entity under Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c) (3) and follows the compliance guidelines for charitable organizations. A receipt and a copy of our Federal Tax-ID Number will be provided upon receiving a donation.  At this time the OSRTERF would like to publically thank the following for their contributions to the Foundation and their commitment to the future of our imaging professionals.

The OSRT Education and Research Foundation Honor Roll 2021-2022:

  • Angie Arnold
  • Julia Gill
  • Denise Moore
  • Andrea Tschirner
  • Leisa Arnold
  • Christine Gialousis
  • Heather Moore
  • Shellie Warino
  • Jay Ball
  • Julie Gill
  • Deb O’Mellan


  • Sheryl Bacon
  • Gary Greathouse
  • Emilee Palmer


  • Phil Ballinger
  • Linnea Hopewell
  • Whitney Reese


  • Terri Bruckner
  • Lauren Huffman
  • Kristin Seitz


  • Kathy Ann Eggert
  • Ellen Johnson
  • Andrew Shappell


  • Quest Folck
  • Bonnie Aultman Link
  • Allison Stokes
  • Christine Gialousis
  • James Mace
  • Ann Swartz
  • Janice Gibson

  • Judith Miller
  • Faith Todd

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