Ohio Department of Health - Radiation Advisory Committee (RAC)

The Radiation Advisory Committee met virtually on July 15, 2022. The OSRT was in attendance to speak on behalf of the interests of Ohio Technologists. Here is a list of topics covered:

Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection: The Bureau continues to operate with limited staff on site, with most working remotely.

Agreement State Program
There have been several instances of private citizens reporting radiation emitting devices on their property. One individual bought a chest from FaceBook Marketplace which they discovered contained a vial labeled “Radium”. ODH responded and found a vial emitting 2.6 mR/hr which they removed and disposed. Another individual bought an alarm clock which had radium (Ra226) painted hands and dials. ODH removed and disposed of the item. All Ohio blood irradiators which use gamma emitting Cesium 137 are being replaced with devices utilizing xrays. These units are being disposed of by ODH.

X-Ray Program
Inspectors conducted inspections of 546 facilities this included 17 on-site hospital inspections, 92 MQSA inspections, 14 free standing imaging sites, and 133 Certified Radiation Expert audits. Currently the department has 3 open positions: 2 Health Physicists, 1 Health physicist supervisor. Radiologic Technologists are uniquely qualified for these positions. If you have an interest in working on the legislative side of radiation safety, please contact the Ohio Department of Health. The rules pertaining to radiation generating equipment (fluoroscopy, mammography, etc) and those pertaining to licensure of Radiologic Technologists will be reviewed next on the 5-year review schedule.

Radiologic Health and Safety program
Drones are being improved as an investigative tool on radiation related emergencies. This program continues to work on issues with Nuclear Power plants and responding to radiation emergencies and terrorist threats. The rule revisions regulating External Beam Therapy should become effective in September, 2022. The rules regulating Industrial Radiation Equipment will be sent out for public comment soon. 

The next RAC meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 21, 2022. These are open to the public.

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