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OSRT Past Presidents

On November 12-13, 1938, forty-eight x-ray technicians met in Lima, Ohio and signed an Affiliation Charter of the American Society of X-ray Technicians. These signatures officially formed the Ohio Society of X-ray Technicians, now formally recognized as the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists (OSRT). That same year, the first Annual Meeting of the OSXT was held. Since then, elections of officers and board members have been held at each annual meeting. Beginning at its inception, annual meetings have been held by OSRT every year with the exception of the war years of 1943, 1944, and 1945.

This page is dedicated to the following individuals who have held the position as OSRT President--in some cases twice! We are grateful for their dedication and significant service in support of all Ohio RTs.

 President 1 Adkins Mary  President 2 Thomas Yocum  President 3 Laura Kahle  President 4 James Hennessey
 President 5 Rubygrant Pennell  President 6 Dorothy Nissley  President 7 David Shields  President 8 Mary Adkins
 President 9 Mildred Jacobi Ridgeway  President 10 Russell Rabold  President 11 Alice Stemen  President 12 Ray Berg
 President 13 Burton Martin  President 14 Roland Mc Gowan  President 15 Harry Gabbard  President 16 Leroy Albrecht
 President 17 John Rogers  President 18 Howard Shaver  President 19 John Cotter  President 20 Elizabeth Broadhurst
 President 21 William Poe  President 22 Rose Fitz  President 23 Sadao Kunimura  President 24 Sara Bauers
 President 25 Hurbert Bateman  President 26 Jerry Collier  President 27 Linda Potter Herrick  President 28 Roy Bell
 President 29 Suzanne Sopko Mitchell  President 30 John Campbell  President 31 James Seddens  President 32 Elaine Banzhaf
 President 33 John Rapp  President 34 Dennis Bottorf  President 35 W Lee Shadle  President 36 Philip Ballinger
 President 37 Gertrude Parks  President 38 Nancy Dome Hatfield  President 39 Peggy Laskey Burrows  President 40 Francine Knutson Todd
 President 41 Denise Moore  President 42 Jay Ball  President 43 Jack Mallot  President 44 Joseph Fodor III
 President 46 Deborah OMellan  President 47 Karen Hurless  President 48 Mitchell Stillberger  President 49 Angie Arnold
 President 50 Sheryl Bacon  President 51 Ronald Bohland  President 52 Tracy Herrmann  President 53 James Byrne
 President 54 Julie Gill  President 55 Linnea Hopewell  President 56 John Schaub  President 57 LeAnn Fisher
 President 58 Francine Todd  President 59 Tricia Leggett  President 60 Janice Gibson  President 61 Nicole Bihn
 President 62 Constance Bonner  President 63 Leisa Arnold  President 64 Sharon Keegan  President 65 Jacqueline Turk
 H.Moore 2011 12 L.Rizzo  Albrecht 2013 14 Bruckner 2014 15
Arnold 2015 16
Huffman 2016 17
Emma President Picture 002  Tiffany w
Tiffany Roman
 Julie w  Judy Miller headshot    
Julie Gill, PhD, RT, (R)(QM)
Judy Miller, BRIT RT, (R) (CT)