The CARE BILL would enforce the Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and Safety Act of 1981, which made licensure optional for each state. Currently, six states and the District of Columbia have no federal minimum standards, which allow personnel with little or no training to perform medical imaging and radiation therapy on patients. The enactment of the CARE Bill would ensure quality images, reduce healthcare costs, ensure patient safety, and improve the imaging experience for the patient.


This event, which is sponsored by the ASRT focuses the first day of the conference on training techniques to meet with the legislators. The remainder of the event is held with constituents meeting with their representatives and trying to gain support for the CARE Bill. Ohio has a total of 18 Representatives and 2 senators, in other words there were lots of visits! The hope is with the recent articles published in the New York Times, focused around over radiation from improperly trained personnel, resulting in death, will bring the critical importance of trained personnel to the forefront of health care.


Currently in Ohio, Representative Tiberi has signed onto the CARE Bill. Please contact your own legislator in an effort to gain their support. In the House of Representatives the CARE Bill is Bill #3692, on the Senate side we are still seeking a Senator to sponsor the CARE Bill.

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