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2020 OSRT Nominees-Your Vote Counts!

voting counts button wThe 2020 OSRT Board of Directors and Technologist of the Year Award nominees are presented below. Voting must be completed by February 1. Voting is open to all Active, Life and Retired OSRT members. Eligible voting members of OSRT will be notified via email and provided with a link to cast a vote once the voting period begins.You will vote for one President-elect nominee, two Board of Directors' nominees and one Technologist of the Year Award nominee. Results will be announced on February 10. 
Your vote matters! Vote today!

 OSRT President-elect: Vote for One

Gary 2020

President-elect Board of Director Nominee: Gary Greathouse, M.S., R.T.(R)
I have served on multiple committees over the past several years. I have served a full term on the OSRT Board of Directors and I am currently a member of the Board. I have been an OSRT member for 33 years. My most recent accomplishments aside from being on the Board, is serving on the Leadership Academy for the past 4 years. I was also vote as Technologist of the Year in 2017. I have been active with the ASRT for the past 27 years and have served as Management Chapter Delegate and Steering Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman on two separate elections. I am presently running as Management Chapter delegate to be seated in 2021.

 OSRT Director-at-Large: Vote for Two 

Tracey BoggsBoard of Director Nominee: Tracey Boggs, DHEd, R.T.(R)(T)
Tracey Boggs is the Director of the Radiologic Technology program and a Tenured Professor at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College. She earned a Doctorate of Health Education from A.T. Still University, a Master of Education from the University of Rio Grande, and is a registered radiographer and radiation therapist. Dr. Boggs designed and implemented the Radiologic Technology program at Rio in 2003. She has been an active OSRT member since 2003 and ASRT member since 2001. She has served as an OSRT committee member on the Nominations Committee and numerous times on the Quiz Bowl committee. Additionally, Tracey has lectured at the OSRT Super CE Saturday for Educators Meeting and has presented numerous educational sessions at the Annual Meeting. Tracey is seeking a Board of Directors’ seat to support the OSRT in its mission. The

OSRT provides professional growth, leadership, and educational opportunities for members to work together to advance the profession. She would like to serve on the Board of Directors to help continue the strong tradition of members helping others.

Dana EskinsBoard of Director Nominee: Dana Eskins, MEd., R.T(R)(CT), RDMS
I have been a radiologic technologist for 30 years. I graduated from Providence Hospital School of Radiologic Technology in Sandusky, Ohio in 1990. I earned my bachelor’s degree of science in Advanced Radiography from Weber State University, a master’s degree in Education from Bowling Green State University, and I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies at Bowling Green State University. I worked as a technologist from 1990-2007 in Northwest Ohio. I have been teaching full-time from 2007-Present. I have taught didactic courses and labs in both radiography and sonography. I have served as a program clinical coordinator for 10 years for both radiography and sonography programs. I am beginning my third year as the Program Director/Assistant Professor at Mercy College of Ohio in Toledo, Ohio. I have been a member of the OSRT on and off for the past 30 years, consecutively since 2008. I have served on the Honors and Awards committee and as a past presenter for the OSRT Annual Meeting. My research interests include best teaching/learning practices in healthcare. I take great pride in my imaging professions and I am interested in serving as director on the OSRT board.

Lucas 2020

Board of Director Nominee: Lucas J. Gross, M.S., R.T.(N), CNMT, NMTCB(CT), RSO
Lucas is the Radiation Safety Officer at The University of Findlay located in Findlay, Ohio. He has earned credentials in nuclear medicine, computed tomography, and radiation safety and has worked in a variety of capacities regarding radiation safety, education, therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation administration. He is currently working toward a doctorate in philosophy in health sciences. Lucas has been a member of the OSRT since 2015 and served on the technology and innovations committee and health policy committee as a member and as vice-chair. He currently serves the ASRT as a technical reviewer for the ASRT publications, on the Scanner editorial advisory panel, the immediate past vice-chair of the nuclear medicine chapter and a current delegate for the ASRT House of Delegates. He currently serves on the SNMMI professional development educational funds committee, technologist advocacy committee for Ohio, therapy center of excellence, and the committee on radioiodine theranostics. He has served with ARRT on the nuclear medicine technology (NMT) practice analysis and CQR advisory committee, NMT exam standard-setting committee, and the NMT exam committee.

Po Hu

Board of Director Nominee: Po Hu, B.S., R.T.(N), CMNT
Po has served as the Marketing Chairperson of the OSRT for the past three years. She has been actively involved in the committee and works collaboratively with the Executive Secretary, Webmaster, and Annual Meeting committee to develop and publish marketing material for the organization. Po is a graduate of the 2017 OSRT Leadership Academy in which she gained knowledge and value to help lead the organization. Po brings a diverse perspective being a nuclear medicine technologist for the past seven years. She is currently on the ballot for the 2020 ASRT Nuclear Medicine Chapter Delegate. Po has a passion to learn more about the organization and lead our profession at the state and national level.

Andy ShappellBoard of Director Nominee: Andrew Shappell, M. Ed., R.T.(R)(MR)(CT)(QM)
I am currently the Program Coordinator of Radiographic Imaging at Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio where I have been a full-time employee since 1990. I graduated from the Radiologic Technology program at Lima Technical College (now Rhodes State) in 1980 and I worked at St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima until 1984 when I began my studies at The Ohio State University. I completed my B.S. in 1986 with Phil Ballinger and Nina Kowalczyk as favorite faculty. I worked at Mt. Carmel and The Ohio State University Medical Center while finishing coursework at OSU. I began working on the first mobile MRI east of the Mississippi in 1986 and continuing with mobile MRI service providers until 1990 serving many hospitals over the state of Ohio and meeting RTs throughout the state. I completed a master’s in educational administration from Bowling Green State University in 2003. I have been a member of both ASRT and OSRT since 1979 while still in college and have thought it was always important for all RTs to be involved in the direction our profession is taking through professional memberships. I have been a part of many professional groups and presented for several of them including AEIRS and OSRT. I have served on committees for the OSRT and am currently a member of the Membership Committee. After 40 years in this profession I am now attempting to serve the OSRT and the RTs of Ohio by becoming a member of the Board of Directors. I have concerns over where our profession will go in the future as well as changes in the medical field that will affect RTs and all healthcare workers, and I hope to help in any way possible.

Allison StokesBoard of Director Nominee: Allison Stokes, B.S., R.T.(R)
As I reflect upon my imaging career, I have established an increased interest in working with the OSRT and representing the profession on a higher level. Over the past several years, I volunteered on the Annual Meeting Committee in addition to the Quiz Bowl Committee. I am also a graduate of the OSRT Leadership Academy. My involvement with the OSRT has instilled a newfound respect for all of the hard-working individuals who make the society possible. I believe I can become a significant contributor, if selected, as a member of the Board of Directors. I am fully prepared to take-on the responsibilities and time commitment necessary to fulfill the requirements of this position. I believe my previous experiences with the OSRT have prepared me to become a significant contributor, if selected, as a member of the Board of Directors. I am excited about the possibility of working closely with colleagues to advance the profession and provide a solid resource for imaging professionals throughout Ohio.

Rebecca TumblinBoard of Director Nominee: Rebecca Tumblin, B.S.R.T.(R)(ARRT)
I graduated from Central Ohio Technical College in 2017 with my associate degree in Radiological Technology and continued my education at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash where I graduated in 2019 with my bachelors in Radiologic Technology. I have worked at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in downtown Columbus for almost 3 years now, where I have worked both second and third shift in the General Radiology department. I would like to become a board member for OSRT, because I always loved the idea of people from all over the state in the same career field coming together and learning together. I would like to be involved in the OSRT meeting and since I am not brave enough to stand in front of a room and give a lecture, I believe being behind the scenes would be the best fit for me.

  OSRT Technologist of the Year Award Nominees: Vote for One

Lauren Huffman

Technologist of the Year Nominee: Lauren Huffman, M.Ed., R.T.(R)(CT)
Ms. Huffman is deserving for many reasons and I will identify just a few. Ms. Huffman has been a prominent leader for our profession at both the state and national levels. She has served as Director for the OSRT Board of Directors, as well as progressed through the ranks of the Executive Committee. She has also served as an Annual Meeting chair or co-chair for several meetings, was selected as a presenter at several Annual Meetings, and has been active on numerous committees. Ms. Huffman has a long history of service in OSRT. She joined the Society in 2000. Since then she served as a member of the following: Education Committee (5 years, and co-chair), 2013 Annual Meeting Committee, Strategic Planning Committee (6-years), and, over the past 6 years, served as a member of the Board of Directors' Executive committee (presiding as OSRT President through Senior Board Chair). Her dedication to the Society is furthered evidenced by her appointment as the new OSRT Executive Secretary (ES). She spent almost a year working with Sheryl Bacon to learn the inner workings of the organization and the associated technology and was ready to assume the role much sooner than the Board of Directors anticipated. She has worked diligently to revise internal processes and determine new or innovative strategies. Some of these include sending electronic birthday wishes to members and developing new methods to report data. Ms. Huffman quietly performs numerous tasks for the betterment of not only the OSRT, but the profession and is deserving of this recognition.

Nominated by: Denise Moore and Dr. Tricia Leggett

ASRT Election-Vote for Ohio Candidates

ASRT Election 2020

The ASRT Election
will be open February 18 and closes March 10.  If you are an ASRT member (active or student member), please check out the OSRT members in the election below and consider giving them your vote.  We want to make sure we are well represented and have a strong national voice!


Heather 2020

Heather Moore, Ph.D., R.T.(R)
ASRT Vice President Candidate

During my 25 years as an ASRT member, I have served as the ASRT treasurer and as a delegate in the ASRT House of Delegates. My delegate positions include - Ohio affiliate delegate, Education Chapter delegate, chair of the Education Chapter and Radiography Chapter delegate, where I also served as chapter chair. I have served on the Practice Standards Council Radiography Subcommittee, volunteered as a mentor for two Student Leadership Development Program attendees and graduated from the ASRT Leadership Academy. I have served on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists, up to and including chairperson of the OSRT and chairperson of its Education and Research Foundation. My current position is the director of the radiography program at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. My extensive volunteer work and my position as program director gives me the insight to further lead the ASRT as vice president.

Of the many issues facing the ASRT, the item crossing all our paths is the threat of encroachment on our scopes of practice by other health care professions. To address this, I will stay vigilant in efforts to prevent encroachment from happening and strongly encourage others to do the same. By monitoring proposed legislation at the state and national levels and responding quickly and loudly to those who will vote on these bills, our voices will be heard!

The primary role of the ASRT Board of Directors is to maintain the integrity, solvency and advancement of the organization, and to represent medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals. My skill set includes being detail-oriented, collaborative and thought provoking. I hold a stake in the success of this organization and the profession and am very dedicated to making sure that it continues to move forward. Because of this, the organization, its members and our patients are always on the top of my mind when making decisions.

EmmaEmilee L. Palmer, B.S., R.T.(R)(CT)
Computed Tomography Candidate

I have been actively involved in the ASRT and OSRT since 2004 when I became a radiography student. Within the Ohio Society, I have served as the Ohio affiliate delegate, as a member of every different committee, and chair of education, advocacy and student leadership. I am currently the senior board chair and have served seven years as a director on the board. Within the ASRT, I have served as a CT Chapter delegate, both as vice and chair, awarded most active chapter award, and CT practice standards revision cycle. In addition, I served as the ASRT representative to the IAC CT board, on the CT Image Gently Campaign and most recently joined the ASRT Practice Standards Council. Previously, I advocated for our profession at R.T. in D.C., served on ASRT R.T. Advocacy Regional Subcommittee and graduated from the ASRT Leadership Academy. I hope to keep serving my profession passionately!

I believe research and communication is key. The chapter members deserve to stay informed and have input on practice. This can be accomplished through research by the CT Chapter leadership, surveys of chapter members and then communication of both through the Communities, Scanner, email and/or social media.


Julie 2020Julie A. Gill, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(QM), FASRT
Education Candidate

I have been employed in the academic setting as a dean, department chair, program director, clinical coordinator and manager of education. I enjoy teaching online and, in the classroom, and, I love teaching students at all stages throughout their academic venture. I deem it my primary responsibility to prepare students for ethical, empathic professional practice and I love being a contributor to their professional and personal growth. I currently serve as the secretary/treasurer for the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences and was chairperson of the 2019 AEIRS annual meeting.

If elected as an Education Chapter delegate, I will regularly communicate with chapter members via the ASRT Communities pages. In general, educators are good communicators, so I hope that the excellent level of communication on the Education Community page continues as we learn and grow together.


Kris 2020Kristin L. Seitz, B.S.M.I., R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), MRSO
Magnetic Resonance Candidate

I’ve previously had the privilege of serving as a delegate and vice-chair of the Magnetic Resonance Chapter. During my term, we drafted the first Radiologic Technologist Best Practices for MR Safety white paper and revised the Magnetic Resonance Practice Standards. It was wonderful to be able to use my experience as an MR safety officer to work with other technologists to help guide the ASRT on the topic of MR safety. I am also proud of the work we’ve done within the MR Community. We were recognized for being one of the most active chapters during the past two years! Being able to exchange information in almost real time is such an important benefit of being an ASRT member. We surveyed our chapter members about their involvement in our community and would like to implement some of the suggestions we received.

If elected, I would like to continue my work toward standardizing MR safety practices. I have spent several years researching and sharing MR information to help provide the best and safest care for our patients, while ensuring the safety of MR and non-MR staff. During my last term, I had the opportunity to coauthor the first ASRT Radiologic Technologist Best Practices for MR Safety and helped revise the Magnetic Resonance Practice Standards. While on these committees, I was able to work with technologists from all over the United States and learn that we all share common concerns — staffing and the increasing number of MR-conditional implants being the most common. The ASRT has provided us with excellent resources to allow us to share our knowledge and concerns through our online community and our print publications, and I intend to continue sharing as much as I can.

Nicole 2020Nicole Douglas, M.E.H.P.E., R.T.(R)(M)
Mammography Candidate

I am currently on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists and am vice chair of the education committee. I have been a mammographer for 10 years and have spent the last eight working within the Cleveland Clinic at high volume, full-service breast centers. I hold a Master of Education in Health Professions Education and am very passionate about training future mammographers. This year I planned and hosted my second 5 credit, day-long continuing education seminar that was offered to Cleveland Clinic mammographers. We were also able to offer this seminar for members of the OSRT.

I will continue to stay current on what is happening in the world of mammography and breast imaging as well as continue my involvement with the OSRT. I will continue to read the Mammography Community posts within the ASRT and respond when appropriate. I plan to make more time to read through these posts and interact with the members more frequently. I am always interested in getting more involved in educational activities and events.


Gary 2020Gary F. Greathouse, M.S., R.T.(R)
Management Candidate

I have been on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists in the past and I am presently on the OSRT Board of Directors now. I am an alumnus of the 2005 Leadership Academy for Educators. I have been selected twice over the past 10 years for the ASRT Foundation Fellowship Grant to Kenya: once in 2013 and recently to Guyana in 2019.

If elected as a Management Chapter delegate, I would make the chapter members aware of possible up-and-coming changes in the chapter and I would keep an open door to any question from the membership. I was a delegate in 2009-2011 and former chairman and vice chairman in the chapter. My biggest challenge is to get people involved in the chapter and help them to understand that their voice and opinion matters. Thank you for your consideration.


Lucas 2020Lucas J. Gross, M.S., R.T.(N), CNMT, NMTCB(CT), RSO
Nuclear Medicine Candidate

I have previously served as the vice chairman, delegate and alternate delegate for the ASRT Nuclear Medicine Chapter. My professional outreach extends beyond the clinic through presentations at continuing education events, such as regional conferences for the Central Chapter Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the Southeastern Michigan Associates and Technical Affiliates. I recently changed roles in nuclear medicine to become an instructor in a nuclear medicine technologist program. I am active within my university, serving on several meaningful committees. I am currently a member of CCSNMI and the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists. I also serve on the OSRT advocacy committee. I’m a board member for the Southeastern Michigan Associates and Technical Affiliates, and I volunteer for the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technologist Section Professional Development and Education Fund committee, Committee on Radioiodine Theranostics, and Therapy Center of Excellence Council. I am working to earn a doctorate in health sciences. I am an active advocate for the nuclear medicine community in every setting and would appreciate the opportunity to continue this role.

One of the challenges facing the chapter is the proliferation of hybrid fusion modalities, such as PET-CT, SPECT-CT and PET-MRI. In addition, optical imaging may soon join in. Pathways must be developed and implemented through relevant boards to prepare technologists to cross train in relevant modalities of hybrid cameras. I would like to work with ASRT committees to organize this process in order to facilitate career development for technologists and prepare them to provide quality service for patients. This requires immediate attention because third-party payers and the public will begin to scrutinize this area of imaging, which may lead to reimbursement cuts and job losses. I would like to represent the nuclear medicine stakeholders and ensure that high-quality care and standards of care are maintained.

Po HuPo C. Hu, B.S., R.T.(N), CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Candidate

I am a certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist and hold an Associate of Science degree in nuclear medicine technology and a Bachelor of Science in medical imaging. During the past eight years of my employment with OhioHealth, I have experienced many opportunities that have increased my technical and leadership skills. I continue to strive for opportunities to serve the profession. In addition to everyday patient care, I oversee quality and safety programs and organize state regulation books for the OhioHealth Nuclear Medicine Department. I’ve served on the Nuclear Medicine Innovation Council for the past five years to provide advisory in quality and improve patient care. My professional experiences have been enhanced through OSRT, where I’ve successfully completed the leadership academy and currently serve as chair of the Marketing and Sales Committee. I’m passionate in our field and patient care, humbled by the nomination and excited for the potential opportunity to serve nationally.

Technology is transforming medical imaging. As radiology professionals, we are required to learn and implement new technologies. If I am elected as a chapter delegate, I’ll investigate the professional resources about technologies that affect nuclear medicine professionals and keep up with the newest trends in medical imaging. In an effort to communicate to the chapter members, I’d bring these findings to ASRT’s Nuclear Medicine Community and send emails. I hope to help chapter members identify the possible risks to our career and find opportunities to serve our patients better.

Ryan 2020Ryan J. Smith, D.H.Sc., CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Candidate

My background includes roles in clinical nuclear medicine and education. I have served the ASRT, Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists and Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging for many years by volunteering for a number of committees in each organization, including service as Nuclear Medicine Chapter delegate, chair and vice chair and on the OSRT board of directors. I have been selected to serve as the ASRT representative to the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology board of directors. I am passionate about the nuclear medicine profession and I feel that one of the best ways of showing one’s passion is through service. Change and growth for the individual and the profession cannot occur without the desire to lead and collaborate among other passionate colleagues. I am honored to have been able to serve the radiologic technology community in the field of nuclear medicine technology as a Nuclear Medicine Chapter delegate, and I will continue to serve and represent this profession honorably.

Ensuring that chapter members stay up to date on pertinent issues is best done through leading by example. As the chairman for the Committee on R.T. Advocacy Region 6 Subcommittee and member of the Committee on R.T. Advocacy, I work to provide oversight on legislative changes that impact our profession. As a member of the ASRT Commission, I’ve reviewed proposed changes to the ASRT Practice Standards for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, which is another very important topic with which to stay up to date. Through these committees, relevant information is shared and discussed on the ASRT Communities. I have presented at ASRT’s Educational Symposium and the Society’s Radiation Therapy Conference, have written a Directed Reading on nuclear cardiology for Radiologic Technology and am writing another Directed Reading on nuclear bone imaging. These topics are at the forefront of today’s nuclear medicine technology practice. As a delegate, I’ll continue to serve in these capacities and be a voice for the profession.

Allison 2020Allison Hermance-Moore, A.A., A.A.S., R.T.(R)
Radiography Candidate
I graduated with an associate of science degree in May 2019 and passed my ARRT registry in July 2019. Despite being a new professional, I have been working hard in the radiography community for nearly two years. I first started out as a leader among my classmates as a class advocate and then as a student leader for the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists. I also served as a national student leader through my participation in the 2018 Student Leadership Development Program. As a technologist, I continue to look for opportunities to advance the profession and be a voice for radiographers across the country through volunteer work and committee assignments.
In the last two years, I have worked to foster in-person connections among students through meet and greets at our affiliate conference and by creating and hosting a mixer for local radiography programs in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve learned that different people require different types of interactions to become interested and involved. I’d like to connect professionals in more ways, not only through the ASRT Communities, but also in person regionally, and encourage interactions on other platforms as well. I believe we stay better informed when we are better connected, and it would be my goal to make that happen.

Notification - Proposed Amendments to External Beam Equipment

Proposed amendments to External Beam Radiation Therapy Equipment Chapter 3701:1-67 of the Ohio Administrative Code are posted for public comment. 

Please review the proposed amendments and provide comments to the Ohio Department of Health by February 13, 2020. The link above also provides a link to submit public comments. All comments will be considered by the REC and the Ohio Department of Health, for relative changes to the proposed rules. Following this action, the rules will then move through the formal adoption process.

Notification-Amendments to Ohio Radiologic Licence Rules

Proposed amendments to Radiologic License Chapter 3701-72 of the Ohio Administrative Code are posted for public comment. Click to read the draft proposed amendments to the rules.

Please review the proposed rules and provide comments to the Ohio Department of Health by February 13, 2020. The link above also provides the link to submit public comments. All comments will be considered by the REC and the Ohio Department of Health, for relative changes to the proposed rules. Following this action, the rules will then move through the formal adoption process.

OSRT Advocates for Ohio Technologists

OSRT Advocacy Update

As a member benefit, the OSRT will be sending out quarterly newsletters to keep its members informed about Ohio legislation efforts we are watching that impact our practice.


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