While Ohio does require certification and licensure for most imaging groups, there are seven states that have not yet enacted regulations or minimum standards for appropriate education and training; furthermore, many states only require licensure for a limited group of imaging professionals.  An example of this is Michigan, a state that only requires certification for mammographers, but does not require certification for radiographers.

The 2009 RT in DC event is the 11th year that radiologic technologists have met in Washington D.C. to promote the CARE Bill.  These dedicated efforts have led to increased legislative support in both the Congressional House and Senate.  To date, the newest version of the CARE Bill has not been introduced in this 111th Congress; however, introduction is expected within the next few weeks.

Leisa, Jonathon and Linda met with legislative aides from all Ohio Senator and Representatives’ offices.  Linda stated, “this has been our most productive meeting in the three years that I have attended.”  Most legislative aides are receptive to the CARE Bill and await its introduction in the House and Senate.  Attendees from across the country visited more than 300 congressional offices.

Click here for more information on the status of the CARE Bill.


Leisa Arnold, MS, RT(R)(M) and Linda Rizzo, BS, RT(R)
represent OSRT at the 2009 RT in DC Event! Ohio is proud
of the annual efforts put forth by Leisa and Linda as they have traveled to DC
for the past 3 years to meet with Ohio US Congressional members!

linda johnathan leisa_resize

Leisa and Linda are joined by OSRT Board Member, Jonathan Mazal
in DC to promote the ASRT CARE Bill legislation.


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