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Who's Who

OSRT Executive Board

Executive committee Judy Julie Tiffany Emma wL-R Judy Miller, President-elect, Julie Gill, President,
Tiffany Roman, Jr. Board Member , Emma Palmer, Board Chair

Continuing Board Directors

Tricia Upton Nicole Douglas Christine Gary wL-R Tricia Upton, Nicole Douglas, Christine Gialousis, Gary Greathouse
Not pictured: Donna Endicott, Kris Seitz


New Student Interns & Student Director

Student Leaders Abby Ali Arian Kendra wL-R Abigail Murphy-Student Director, Student Leaders: Ali Carter,
Arian Detrick, Kendra Lancia

 Contracted Staff

Contracted staff 2 w

Jay Ball, Financial Manager, Sheryl Bacon, Executuve Secretary,
Lauren Huffman, Executive Secretary Intern, Denise Moore, Webmaster

OSRT Education and Research Foundation Board


Front row: Leslie Mayes, Jay Ball
Back row: Heather Moore, Tiffany Roman, Whitney Reese,
Gail Schroeder, Ellen Johnson, Deb O'Mellan, Sheryl Bacon
Not pictured: Guy Keener, Jessica Bates