Helpful Links to Stay Informed

North Central Accreditation Association--the Higher Learning Commission accredits colleges and univesities at the institutional level as a whole.

JRCERT Accreditation for Students--The JRCERT accreditation process provides assurance to the public that a program (e.g., radiography program) meets specific quality standards. The process assures program quality and stimulates program improvement.

What are the Benefits of the Program Accreditation Process

What are the Accreditation Standards for Programs? Standards for an Accredited Educational Program are designed to promote academic excellence, patient safety, and quality healthcare. They are an assurance for you as an enrolled learner that the program is meeting some standard of educational excellence.

Find a Program--Locate accredited programs in radiography, raditaion therapy, magnetic resonance, and dosimtery.

Report Allegations of Non-compliance--Use this link if you have allegation of the program's non-compliance with the Standards? 

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