The OSRT Education and Research Foundation (OSRTERF) Case Study Presentation Competition is open to all registered and student technologist members of the OSRT. There are separate technologist and student categories for the competition; students and technologists will not compete against each other. The competition is a two-step process and will be judged on the basis of a Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation with an accompanying outline and a final case study live presentation for participants at the OSRT Annual Meeting.

  • Step 1: Submission of the competition application, a Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation (saved as a PowerPoint file format), and a detailed outline of the presentation content.
  • Step 2: A live presentation of the submitted Case Study for attendees at the OSRT Annual Meeting.

Please thoroughly review the submission information, competition guidelines, and grading rubric for specific competition rules.

This competition is meant to be a learning opportunity for all participants and should emphasize the value and use of diagnostic imaging. The intent of the case study is to present a complete medical imaging case to your peers following a patient from initial symptoms or initial presentation through treatment and prognosis. The presentation must provide an insight into the importance of medical imaging and, if appropriate radiation therapeutic techniques and their roles in the healthcare profession.

The purposes of the competition include:

  • An opportunity to research a particular disease, condition, or injury
  • Examining the role that diagnostic imaging and radiation therapeutic modalities play in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease; a minimum of 3 diagnostic or therapeutic modalities must be included in the presentation, one of which is routine radiography
  • Providing a peer educational experience for registered and student radiographers

This is a competition that requires a minimum standard score for an award. Application materials and preliminary presentation materials will be reviewed by the OSRTERF to determine which proposals are eligible to continue in the competition and be presented at the Annual Meeting. Minimum standard criteria must be met to be selected to present your case study and be eligible for an award. A maximum of 8 case studies may be chosen to continue to the Annual Meeting presentation portion of the competition. The distribution of the 8 selected case studies will be determined by the number of technologist and student applications.

Please note that any materials associated with the presentation must adhere to HIPAA guidelines and be correctly referenced using the most current AMA or APA formatting style. Plagiarism and non-compliance with HIPAA regulations will result in automatic disqualification of any application or presentation.

Your library can help you with AMA or APA styles, or you can find some helpful free links online, like these:
AMA Manual of Style; APA Style, or I University Library.

Click on the document links below for guidelines and rules, and judging rubrics. When ready to apply and upload, click the "Apply & Submit Now" button--then scroll down when the page loads to complete the application form. 


OSRTERF Case Study Presentation Competition Application
Be sure to read the most current published guidelines, rules and scoring rubrics for the competition. Complete and electronically submit the official application and Case Study by March 1. Click the submission button below after completing the application and uploading the poster file.
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NOTE: The applicant competing MUST be a member of OSRT at the time of submission of the Case Study Presentation Competition application and at the time of the annual meeting.
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ATTESTATION STATEMENT I certify that I have read and understand the competition guidelines, rules and rubrics. I also certify, to the best of my knowledge, that the information on this application is complete and accurate. Falsification of any information will cause my disqualification from the Case Study Presentation Competition. I understand it is my responsibility to make sure the application process is complete by the required deadline. If not, the application may be disqualified from the awards competition and may not be considered for an award. This application, upon receipt, becomes the property of the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists. I agree that, if selected as an award winner for the OSRTERF Case Study Presentation Competition, the OSRT or its agents may use my name and likeness and any other information or materials provided in connection with this program award for purposes of news, publicity and advertising in all media, including but not limited to print and electronic media, press releases, internet websites, and video media. If I am under the age of 18 years, my parent or guardian must also agree to these Terms and Conditions.


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