This years meeting was held March 18-20th at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC with 155 participants' and representation from 40 states!

Training was presented by Ira Koretsky directing us on how to present passionately and convincingly to our legislators.  The second training session involved a historical perspective of the Bill and an update on current medical imaging issues.

Linda Rizzo and Leisa Arnold had appointments with the legislative aids from Voinovich's, Brown's, Space's, and Pryce's offices.  As it happened the aid from Pryce's office, Lauren Neff, was a Cambridge native!

While waiting in Deborah Pryce's office for the aid, Deborah came into the waiting area to leave to vote on the hill.  Linda Rizzo spoke up, introduced herself, and told her we were there in hopes of gaining her support on HR 583!  The OSRT is very proud of Linda for her assertive and passionate actions.

There are only 38 states with any type of licensure laws and 8 states including the District of Columbia with no licensure laws. The CARE Bill would ensure quality information, reduce health care costs, and improve safety.


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