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MR Safety White Paper-Now Available

OSRT members contribute to the new ASRT Radiologic Technologist Best Practices for MR Safety white paper now available for community-wide use. 

In September, 2018, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists released the Radiologic Technologist Best Practices for MR Safety white paper. According to Amanda Garlock M.S., RT(R)(MR), who spearheaded the project, the white paper is meant “to create a set of targeted guidelines for MR technologists that they can use to solve problems, make informed decision and ultimately enhance patient care.” The white paper is one of Amanda's initiatives during her term in 2017-18 as Chairman of the Board of Directors for ASRT.

ASRT surveyed more than 2,600 MR technologists in August 2017 to identify current MR trends and protocols. A committee of eight veteran MR technologists reviewed the survey data and existing MR guidelines to develop the "best practices" included in the white paper.
The OSRT is proud to have two of our own MR technologists as members of the white paper committee. Jacqueline Turk, MEd, RT(R)(MR)(CT) and Kristin Seitz, BSMI, RT(R)(MR)(CT)(MRSO)(MRSC™) both contributed to the content within the paper.

Radiologic Technologist Best Practices for MR Safety is available at no charge to all personnel and facilities.