The Radiation Equipment Generating Committee (REC) of the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) met on March 6th, 2020 In Columbus. The OSRT was well represented with 6 members and our legislative advisor, Paul Kudlak, in attendance. The most important agenda item directly effecting radiologic technologists was the review/discussion of comments received from the public about proposed changes to rules governing licensure In Ohio.

To provide some context, the rules (OAC 3701-72 aka the 72 rules) were revised at the September 2019 REC meeting to coincide with the 2019 changes made by the legislature to the statute (ORC 4773) that grants licensure in Ohio. (The statute grants the authority for RT licensing, and the rules provide the details which we must all follow to obtain and maintain our radiologic license In Ohio). After the REC revised these rules in September, ODH checked them with their legal department and then placed them on the ODH website for public comment. The March REC meeting reviewed all public comments received.

The OSRT had two concerns with the posted rules and submitted comments. Our comments resulted in positive changes to the rules and will help clarify parameters of practice. If any member would like the actual details of these comments, please see the OSRT website under the News tab. For an overview of the process or more about OSRT advocacy efforts, please click the Advocacy and News tabs on the OSRT website.

It is imperative that the OSRT have representation when rules are being written that impact us and our practice. The OSRT is the organization that is doing that for you!.
Please consider that very important mission when you are contemplating joining the OSRT. We can’t do this without your support and it is vital to you and your professional future.


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