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This ConneX section of the OSRT Web site is designed to centralize current and relevant information for RTs, Students, and GXMOs. It includes education and employment opportunities and pertinent professional links. Some of the content listed under ConneX is available to members only as a member benefit. A logon screen will appear for the members-only areas.

Philip W. Ballinger Student Self-assessment Exam Winner

Congratulations to the 2019 student with the highest score on the exam!

Taylor Paulson Columbus State High score Phill Ballinger Exam and Tiffany w

Taylor Paulson from Columbus State with then President Tiffany Roman.
Due to COVID-19, no exam was administered in 2020
Click if interested in the exam or other competitions

OSRT Student Director Program

The Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists’ (O.S.R.T.) commitment to student professional growth and development is demonstrated through the O.S.R.T Student Director Program. The selected student director serves as an official voting member of the Board of Directors. The board strongly believes that students are the leaders of the future and the O.S.R.T. has a responsibility to help cultivate them as leaders.

The Student Director Application process is detailed below and the application must be submitted online no later than January 1 to be considered for selection. One student will be selected for the position to serve as a member of the board for one full year – from April to April. This period of service helps to facilitate strong relationships, a fundamental understanding of organizational operations, enhanced leadership skills, and a commitment to continued service to the profession. The selected student must also attend the O.S.R.T. Leadership Academy scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 13 and Sunday, March 14, 2021.

The student director will be assigned a mentor who is either an officer or committee chairperson. The mentor relationship offers opportunities for the student director to gain organizational and professional insights and provides a mechanism for valuable input on health policy issues, educational issues, and organizational operations that affect all medical imaging and radiologic science students and professionals in Ohio. Following the application deadline date, the board's executive committee reviews and ranks all applicants using a scoring rubric. The executive committee appoints the highest scoring applicant to serve as the student director, a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Click the Read More+ link to review details and to access the online application-don't delay, apply today! 

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Professional Presentation Prep, Research, and Writing

Have you ever wanted to present at a professional meeting? OSRT offers a mentor program to help you develop your presentation skills. We can help you develop a proposal to present at the OSRT Annual Meeting.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information. 

Where would the medical imaging community be if Wilhelm Roentgen, Thomas Edison, or Marie Curie’s career took a different path? These are just a few examples of why scholarship is fundamental to our profession. It moves us forward, not only in developing new technologies to aid in patient care and trX rayImageseatment, but it also allows the medical imaging profession to share our knowledge with the rest of the world.

The scholarship of any discipline is defined by the foundational research and writing specific to the practice of that discipline. In other words, research and scholarly inquiry is central to the advancement of the radiologic sciences professions. Existing knowledge is confirmed and new knowledge is generated within the scholarly community, which most commonly resides in academic institutions. However, in the radiologic sciences, our discipline coexists in both an academic and clinical environment. Knowledge gained through scholarship is only valuable when it is applied in a clinical setting to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients; and knowledge gained in the clinical setting serves as an inspiration for innovative research. Therefore, advancing scholarship within our profession is everyone’s responsibility!

Understanding the role of this translational research is equally important for those interested in conducting research in the radiologic sciences and in helping radiologic science professionals become good consumers of research. So even if you never plan to conduct your own independent studies, participating in scholarly activities and understanding cutting edge research will improve your ability to utilize credible evidence in making clinical decisions.

The OSRT supports an expectation of scholarship in all settings, in all radiologic science and medical imaging disciplines. Our scholars are all of the practitioners, researchers, and educators who are reflective and critical thinkers. Research and the dissemination of new knowledge is a very important aspect which defines each unique discipline within the radiologic and imaging sciences. We are all knowledge builders and knowledge users within out areas of practice, so understanding research and scholarly writing is a great way to advance your professional development. It allows us to think critically outside of the box, to collaborate with colleagues, and to expand our professional skills.Transitional research Washington edu

Hopefully involvement in the OSRT research and writing activities will inspire you to make a difference and help the radiologic science professions grow through your contributions to original research, writing, and publication. The OSRT has many talented and passionate members that would excel at research and writing. The OSRT will be offering a variety of virtual and face-to-face educational experiences to help you begin to cultivate these skills!

Check out these resources:

OSRT Education and Reseach Foundation Grants

NIH Research Matters- A Weekly Update of Research Advances

ASRT Publications Page 

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Job ConneX

Let OSRT Work for YOU!

Published monthly, "OSRT Job ConneX" is a sensible web option for employers to connect to hundreds of OSRT members, technologists, students, educators and other web site visitors. Free employee recruitment postings are available to any Ohio employer. To access employment ads, click link at the bottom of this page after reading critiera below.

To place an ad simply email information identified in the criteria below. Forward e-info to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jobs ConneX
Employment opportunities for your Ohio employers may be posted on a 30-day basis free as an OSRT Jobs ConneX service. Jobs ConneX ads are posted and prioritized by date of request.

  • Company name
  • Address & phone
  • URL/Web address
  • Name of contact person & email address
  • Open position title & description (limited to 100 words)

Current Job Postings:

Zane State College
JourneyLite of Cincinnati

Employement oppurtunities for Ohio employers may be posted free on a 30-day basis as an OSRT Jobs Connex service. Tell your employer to post here.

Find Jobs, find resumes, see employer job posts at Indeed.com

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OSRT Leadership Academy

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