OSRT is proud to support several Ohio RTs as nominees for ASRT elected positions. If you are a member of ASRT, please vote! Voting ends Tuesday, March 5 at 11:59 p.m. Mountain time.

Heather Moore, Ph.D., R.T.(R): ASRT Treasurer Nominee
Loveland, Ohio

Heather2019I am driven, organized and an effective communicator. My leadership style is collaborative and supportive. These traits would be valuable assets to the ASRT Board of Directors. I also hold a wealth of knowledge about professional organizations. I have served for nine years as a delegate in the ASRT House of Delegates, volunteered as a mentor to two Student Leadership Development Program attendees and graduated from the ASRT Leadership Academy myself. My service to the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists is extensive, serving six years on the board, including president and chairman, and serving 10 years on the Ohio Society Education and Research Foundation Board, including chairman. My current position is the program director of the radiologic technology program at the University of Cincinnati. I hope you agree that these experiences would make me a valuable member of the ASRT Board and will indicate that with a vote of support!

I believe the top issue we face at the ASRT is lack of engagement from many of our members. Engagement is a key component of what makes us stronger as a Society. The ASRT provides a multitude of professional growth opportunities to both student and registered technologists members. These opportunities include engaging in leadership training, mentoring students, participating in governance, voting in elections and volunteering. I would like to reach out directly to those members not currently actively engaged and inspire them to get involved by showing them the value of the opportunities the ASRT provides. Reaching out in this way would need to be a team effort in which those members already engaged are the best suited to share their experiences with others and then embolden them to get involved.

I feel the prime role of the ASRT Board of Directors is to keep the ASRT moving forward. This involves keeping current with national trends and issues, but also searching for opportunities for improvement and advancement. I possess a high energy level that fuels my steadfast determination to get work completed in an organized and timely fashion while also seeking maximum results. Even though I am a hard worker, I am also an approachable and friendly person who gets along easily with others and can develop a collaborative and supportive environment in which to accomplish tasks and goals within a team.

Angela (angie) Arnold M.Ed., R.T.(R): Education Chapter Delegate Nominee
Dayton, Ohio

Angie2019It is an honor to be nominated for ASRT Education Chapter Delegate. As a long-time educator, education chapter delegate, education commission and reference committee member, radiography curriculum project team member and affiliate delegate, I feel I have the experience and ability to speak about educational issues in the field. This is my thirty-third year as a radiographer with 20-plus years of my career spent fulltime in education. I am a two-time president of the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists and I currently serve as OSRT historian and a member of the Social Media Committee. I have been active in OSRT and ASRT my entire career and, in that time, have adapted to many changes in our profession. I believe the decisions made in the ASRT House of Delegates are vital to the leadership of the profession and would be honored to represent the nation’s educators as an Education Chapter delegate.

If elected, I will communicate as often as needed to gain input from educators throughout the country and provide information on practice issues, concerns, etc. in a timely manner. I will provide electronic communication, articles, answer calls and reply to emails to make sure I have input from Education Chapter members. I will also rely on member input to cast my House of Delegate votes, which will be based on the needs of the education chapter members as a whole.

Christine Gialousis, M.Ed., R.T.(R)(M)(CT)(MR), MRSO: MRI Chapter Delegate Nominee
Euclid, Ohio

Christine2019I have been an MRI technologist since 1990. Working as a specials tech which included CT, MRI and radiography when needed. I developed the ability to be flexible and knowledgeable in many aspects of the profession. I have had the opportunity to work at a community hospital, a level-1 trauma center, a mobile MRI company and a FHC. Each facility has added a layer of professional information that has allowed me to see many aspects of each problem or issue. It has been a blessing to work at each facility because it has made me a very confident and competent imaging professional! I currently sit on the board of directors for the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists and have had the honor of being a delegate for the MR Chapter and my state society. I would be honored to serve the ASRT and its membership in that capacity again.

As the chairperson of the OSRT Social Media Committee, I am confronted with the overwhelming amount of information available at our fingertips. The power of social media continues to grow. I believe that we need to remain connected to our members and to MRI technologists as we move into a new technological era. But we also need to accomplish this in a professional manner. The ASRT Communities are fantastic, but we can also use Facebook groups to add to these conversations and link the Facebook groups to the ASRT Communities and the ASRT website. We should use our students to lead the charge with our guidance to maintain consistency and professionalism. Facebook is not the only social media outlet available, and with everyone so connected to their smart devices we need to use this technology to our advantage! We should add our messages to the information ocean!

Kristin Seitz, B.S.M.I., R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), MRSO: MRI Chpater Delegate Nominee
Dublin, Ohio

KrisSeitz2019I feel fortunate to have been chosen to serve as a Magnetic Resonance Chapter Delegate and Vice Chair over the past two years. Doing so has allowed me to participate in updating the ASRT Practice Standards for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy and participate in drafting the ASRT white paper, Radiologic Technologist Best Practices for MR Safety. Meeting and working with technologists from all over the United States confirmed that we are all dealing with the same issues and concerns: How can we provide the best possible care for our patients and keep them safe given the resources that we have? Obtaining my magnetic resonance safety officer credentials and completing my bachelor’s degree have provided me with new insight and drive to work toward improving patient care and the MR workflow.

Keeping MR Chapter members up-to-date is one of the most important things we can do as representatives. The ASRT Communities are a fantastic resource for sharing information and asking questions. We have had some lively discussions there and tied for second place for Most Active Chapter at this year’s ASRT House of Delegates Meeting. A friend recently told me that we are all teachers. Once we have gained knowledge, it is our duty to share it with our peers. This is most evident in changes we have seen in MRI such as more powerful scanners resulting in patients being exposed to more radiofrequency waves and higher magnetic fields; newer, faster imaging techniques; new research into the consequences of our intravenous contrast agents; even new and exciting ways to obtain our education. All of this information can be overwhelming, but it is our duty to stay current and share our knowledge.

Ryan Smith, D.H.Sc., CNMT: Nuclear Medicine Chapter Delegate Nominee
Findlay, Ohio

RyanSmith2019My background includes roles in clinical nuclear medicine and education. I have been a member of the ASRT since 2008 and the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists since 2006. I have served the ASRT and the OSRT as evidenced above. I am passionate about the profession and my service record speaks to this passion. Each year, I have expanded my involvement by taking on new committee roles including additional leadership roles. I continue speaking annually at the ASRT and OSRT conferences. I am presenting at this year’s ASRT Radiation Therapy Conference and I am writing a journal article for the ASRT Radiologic Technology journal. Individual and professional growth cannot occur without the desire to lead and collaboration among colleagues. I am honored to have been able to serve the ASRT as a Nuclear Medicine Chapter delegate (chair and vice chair) and I look forward to continued service in this role.

I believe the nuclear medicine profession has many needs to address and should have a strong voice within the ASRT. One of the biggest challenges is growing the level of professional involvement in the field. Additionally, there continue to be concerns related to fusion imaging and the role technologists should play when combining two modalities into one study. Continuing to be an impassioned advocate for the Nuclear Medicine Practice Standards is a must. There are growing concerns of encroachment in our profession, and they impact all modalities. Through my service on the Committee on R.T. Advocacy and by serving as chair for the CRTA Region 6 Subcommittee, my hope is to use the knowledge I gain over the next several years to make my colleagues more aware of our advocacy efforts and what they can do to get involved and take ownership of their profession.

Tiffany Roman, M.A.Ed., R.T.(R)(CT)(MR)-Radiography Chapter Delegate Nominee
Cincinnati, Ohio

Tiffany2019Over the past several years, I have held multiple positions with the ASRT and Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists that would qualify me to be a Radiography Chapter delegate. I have been seated in the House of Delegates as a Radiography Chapter delegate, an alternate Radiography Chapter delegate and an affiliate delegate. As a delegate, I served on the committee that revised the Radiography Practice Standards, debated the issues of associate versus bachelor entrance degree for radiography and made informed voting decisions regarding changes in various aspects of the medical imaging modalities on the floor of the House of Delegates. I am serving as the president of the OSRT and will be seated as an affiliate delegate in June, 2019. I am proud to be a radiologic technologist and am dedicated to sharing my passion for the profession each and every day.

Although, I have not been as active on the ASRT Communities as I should, I believe it is a great way to stay current on issues affecting the practice of radiography. I plan to renew my commitment to post on the communities pages. I also believe social networking is a good way to share issues that affect our profession. At the 2018 Radiography Chapter meeting, the biggest discussion centered on the safe radiation practices or the lack thereof in radiology departments. Students feel they are not supported in the shielding of themselves or of patients, nor do they feel supported in the practice of patient care. Each day I face these issues head on with technologists and students. I believe in the importance of good patient care practices, which include but are not limited to shielding, collimation and communication. I strive to instill that in the medical imaging community.

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