The OSRT would like to be sure that Ohio radiographers and students are aware of a Ohio Department of Health rule. This rule can be found in Ohio Administrative Code 3701:1-66-07(F) Medical Fluoroscopic Equipment.

“In accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3701:1-66-07(F), all individuals operating fluoroscopic equipment, and individuals likely to receive an annual effective dose equivalent in excess of one millisievert (one hundred millirem) from participating in fluoroscopic procedures, shall receive at least two hours of radiation protection training specific to fluoroscopy in addition to the training required by rule 3701:1-38-10 of the Administrative Code prior to performing or participating in fluoroscopic procedures." This rule includes students as well as technologists and licensed practitioners.  

The Ohio Department of Health has recently cited facilities that could not provide onsite documentation that radiology students from area programs had received 2 hours of specific fluoroscopy radiation protection training. All programs put multiple hours of coverage of radiation protection into their curriculum; however, the documentation must be specific to fluoroscopy and at the clinical facility at the time of ODH inspection. Some of the clinical facilities will provide this 2-hour training in their student rotation orientation but programs should be aware that these rules apply to all students as they rotate through any clinical facility where students are assigned to fluoroscopy.

These rules were effective on 7/1/2014 but ODH has only recently started citing for non-compliance by students. These rules will be up for revision in the near future and the OSRT will be at the table to voice our concerns.

OSRT strives to stay current in Ohio Department of Health activities as well as in Ohio legislative activities which impact the practice of radiology. We are present and bring up the concerns of the Ohio Technologists as laws and rules are written that affect Ohio radiology practice areas.

For questions about OSRT Advocacy efforts, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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