In 1966, the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists initiated sponsorship of the Guest Invitational Lecture formally called the "Penn-Hu-Mac-Par-Gill Lecture," currently named the Past Presidents Honors Lecture. This lecture series was conceived to pay tribute to members of the OSRT who were elected to serve as President of the ASRT.  Currently, there are five (5) members who have served as President of the ASRT.  These distinguished technologists are Rubygrant Pennell, R.T.(R): 1954; W. Jay Huston, R.T.(R): 1961; Roland C. McGowan, R.T. (R); Joan Parsons, R.T.(R): 1989 and Julie Gill, R.T.(R): 2014. To be selected as the "Penn-Hu-Mac-Par-Gill" lecturer is one on the highest honors given to an individual by the OSRT. Click the Read More link to see past presenters and lecture topics.

1966 Thomas Funke R.T.(R) Tomography
1967 Terry Eastman R.T.(R) Temperature Control & Technique
1968 Leroy F. Albrecht R.T.(R) The Team Surveyor Report
1969 John F. Cotter R.T.(R) Tomographic Technologists: A New Concept
1970 James Rothenberg R.T.(R) Utilizing Human Resources in Radiography
1971 Elizabeth M. Broadhurst R.T.(R) A Preview of a Continuing Education Plan
1972 Marcel T. Buergler R.T.(R) Radiology and the Computer
1973 John A. Rogers R.T.(R) Technician or Technologist?
1974 Roland C. McGowan R.T.(R) The Registry: From Application to Examination
1975 Elaine Banzhaf R.T.(R) Management by Objective
1976 Ray L. Berg R.T.(R) Prime Factors of Parliamentarian Procedure
1977 Russell Maneri R.T.(R) Professional Liability: Are You Covered?
1978 Roy E. Bell R.T.(R) Our Medical and Technical Heritage
1979 Kenneth Lutz R.T.(R) Radiology Business Management: A New Horizon for R.T.'s
1980 Sara Bauers R.T.(R) Nuclear Cardiology
1981 Rose Fitz R.T.(R) Physical Fitness for the Health of It
1982 W. Jay Huston R.T.(R) Looking at Today's Imaging Cameras
1983 Rubygrant Pennell R.T.(R) The Professional and the Patient
1984 Linda Potter-Herrick R.T.(R) Brachytherapy
1985 Joan Parsons R.T.(R) Did You Really Give at the Office?
1986 James D. Curry M.D. FACR Ethics for Health Professionals
1987 Philip Ballinger R.T.(R) Economics and the Radiologic Technologist
1988 Nancy Dome R.T.(R) OSRT: Where We've Been, Where We're Going
1989 Francine Knutson R.T.(R) From the Inside Out
1990 Denise Moore R.T.(R) Life and Healthcare in a Developing Country
1991 Peggy Laskey Burrows R.T.(R) Laughter is the Best Medicine
1992 W. Lee Shadle R.T.(R) Technology and the Technologists in the Next Millennium
1993 Shirlee Bell R.T.(R) By Your Pupil You Will Be Taught
1994 Johannes Olsen M.E. Healthcare Reform: Why All the Fuss
1995 Judith Rayburn R.T.(R) Just When You Thought You Knew It All
1996 Joseph Fodor III R.T. (R) Patient-Centered Care in Radiologic Technology: A Reaction to Healthcare Reform
1997 Nina Kowalczyk R.T.(R) The Hart of Radiology
1998 William Thomas R.T.(R) Thirty-Five Years in a Private Office
1999 William F. Finney M.A.,R.T.(R) Turn Off Your Mind, Relax and Float Downstream
2000 Angie Arnold B.A.,R.T.(R) Remember When
2001 Deborah L. O'Mellan R.T.(R)(M)(QM) A Mysterious Disorder
2002 Addie Tackett B.S., R.T.(R) A Journey Through Life
2003 Julie Gill M.Ed., R.T.(R)(QM) Cultivating Your Garden
2004 Josette McCarthy B.S.,R.T.(R) The Little Fish Can Make a Difference
2005 Tracy Herrmann M.Ed.,R.T.(R) Lifelong Learning
2006 LeAnn Fisher B.S.,R.T.(R) A Different Point of View
2007 Linnea Hopewell MEd,R.T.(R)(M)(QM) Live & Learn . . . Pass It On
2008 Jan Gibson M.Ed.,R.T.(R) Embracing Change
2009 Beth McCarthy R.T. (R)(CV) The Places You'll Go
2010 Tricia Leggett, DHEd., R.T.(R)(QM) Roll With the Changes
2011 Sheryl Bacon A.A.S., R.T.(R) Looking at Life from the Pup Side
2012 Jay Ball R.T.(R) Just Ask Yourself
2013 Joan Parsons, RT(R) Taking a Walk Down a Professional Memory Lane
2014 Sharon Keegan, MEd, RT(R) A Passion for Radiologic Technology
2015 Leisa Arnold MHA, RT, (R) (M) Encouraging Words
2016 Julie Gill, PhD, RT(R)(QM) My Four Eternal Truths: What are Yours?
2017 Larry (Max) Maxwell, BS, RT(R)(CT) Body Language in Society, Professionally, Personally and Around the World
2018 Heather Moore, M.Ed., R.T. (R) Cursive Optional
2019 Gloria Albrecht, M.S., R.T.(R) Fleeting Moments and the Smallest Gestures
2020 No Honors Lecture Due to COVID Pandemic Annual Meeting conducted online through Zoom
2021 No Honors Lecture Due to COVID Pandemic Annual Meeting conducted online through Zoom
2022 Terri Bruckner, Ph.D.R.T.(R)(CV) "Touch the Heart"
2023 Jackie Turk, M.Ed., R.T.(R)(CT)(MR) What is Your Brand?
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